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Vector Inverter (High Performance), AS500 Series

 Vector Inverter (High Performance), AS500 Series

The AS500 Series of high performance vector inverters combines speedless sensor vector control technology, closed loop vector control and torque control technologies. This high end inverter is reliable and flexible in application. We offer customized inverters for fans, water pumps, and other machines. Each of our frequency converters are designed to last over ten years.

1. Reliable safety features such as overload protection, current limiting functions, and password settings.

2. Efficient energy-saving operation and PWM dead zone compensation technology.

3. Fast response with advanced motor model control.

4. Strong grid adaptability. When the grid voltage changes, the output voltage is kept constant and can work in power failure.

5. Smooth track start

6. Multiple parameter settings for frequency, PID control, power-on and self-checking functions, and hopping frequency control.

7. Low noise and effective heat dissipation

Technical specifications
Power input Input power 380V~460V (-15%~+10%), 3-phase power supply
Input frequency 45~65Hz
Permissible voltage variation Voltage unbalance factor < 3%
Transient voltage dips For 3-phase AC 380V~460V power supply, when input voltage < AC300V, under-voltage protection after 15ms (in the case of 85% load)
Power output Motor output voltage 0VAC~Input voltage
Output frequency V/F control: 0.00~300.00Hz, Vector control: 0.00~120.00Hz
Overload class 150%, 60s
Efficiency (full load) ³ 0.94
Accuracy of output frequency ±0.01% (digital instruction -10~+45 ℃ ) ±0.1% (analog instruction 25±10 ℃ )
Digital input/output Photocoupler isolation input 8-way, 24V high/low effective level is settable. Input functions are definable.
Open collector output 4-way. Output functions are definable.
Relay output 2-way. NO and NC double contacts, contact capacity: resistive, 5A 250VAC or 5A 30VDC; Output functions are definable.
Analog input/output Analog voltage input 1-way -10~+10 V DC, 1-way -10~+10 V accuracy 0.1%
Analog voltage output 2-way, -10~+10 VDC, accuracy 0.1%
Encoder input PG card power supply 5V, 12V, 300mA
PG card signal Open collector, push-pull, differential, SIN/COS increment type, Endat absolute type, Resolver type
PG card frequency division output OA and OB orthogonal, frequency division coefficient: 0/2/4/8/16/32/64/128 (optional)
Others Cooling method Forced air cooling
Installation method In cabinet
Certification CE