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Frequency Inverter (for Cranes), AS600 Series

 Frequency Inverter (for Cranes), AS600 Series

The AS600 Series of frequency inverters for cranes can be used with industrial cranes such as gate cranes, gantry cranes, quay cranes, and hoisting cranes. The crane inverter can also be used in process control industries for paper making, metallurgy, coal mining, cement, energy, chemical, oil and gas. Our customizable inverters have a wide range of power and voltage up to 690V and a variety of programmable settings to suit different applications.

1. Torque memory function: When braking, the inverter records the output torque so that when the machine starts again, the torque value is recreated to prevent sliding.

2. High startup torque
V/F control
Starting torque: 150%/1-3HZ (speed regulating range: 1:50 stable speed accuracy ±0.5%)

Open-loop vector control
Starting torque: 200%/0.3-0.5HZ (Regulating range: 1:200, precision of stable speed ± 0.2%)

Closed-loop vector control
Starting torque:200%/0min-1 (Regulating range: 1:1000, precision of stable speed ± 0.02%)

3. Weak-magnetic function
The inverter calculates maximum speed according to the load for more efficiency in lighter loads.

4. Overload capacity
Heavy load/super-heavy load Heavy load Super-heavy load
Overload toleration 150% 1 min 150% 1 min, 200% 2s
Application areas Crane drifting, rotating mechanism etc. Lifting mechanism of crane

5. Supports several communication functions such as RS-485 and PROFIBUS-DP field network.

6. Comprehensive self-learning functions for static motors and rotating motors.

7. Designed to be compact with a wide voltage range, independent air ducts, terminal protection, overheating alerts, and power on self test function.

Technical specifications
Power input Input power 380V~460V (-15% ~ +10%), 3-phase power supply 220~240V optional 3-phase power supply
Input frequency 45~65Hz
Permissible voltage variation Voltage unbalance factor < 3%
Transient voltage dips For 3-phase AC 380V~460V power supply, when input voltage < AC300V, under-voltage protection after 15ms (test at 85% load)
Power output Motor output voltage 0VAC~100% of input voltage, 3-phase power supply
Output frequency V/F control: 0.00 ~ 300.00Hz Vector control: 0.00 ~ 120.00Hz
Overload class Heavy load (40 ℃ ): 150%, 1min; 200%, 3s
Efficiency (full load) 7.5kW and below ≥ 93%; 45kW and below ≥ 95%; 55kW and above ≥ 98%
Precision of output frequency ±0.01% (digital instruction -10 ~ +45 ℃ ) ±0.1% (analog instruction 25±10 ℃ )
Environmental conditions Location Install vertically in a well ventilated electrical cabinet; horizontal or other installation method is not permitted. The cooling medium is air. Install in an environment without exposure to direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist, steam and water drop .
Ambient temp. -10 ~ +40℃
Temperature derating Ambient temperature > 40 ℃ , for each 1 ℃ rise, rated output current reduces 1%, 50 ℃ at utmost
Altitude 1000m
Height derating > 1000 m , for each 100m lift, rated output current reduces 1% (3000 m at utmost)
Ambient humidity 5 ~ 95%, no condensation
Vibration Conform to following vibration conditions: 3.5 m/s2, 2 ~ 9Hz; 10 m/s2, 9 ~ 120Hz;
Storage temp. -40 ~ +70℃
Protection degree IP00, IP20
Others Cooling type Forced air cooling
Installation method In cabinet
Certification CE