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Welding Robot SA1800

 Welding Robot SA1800

SA series robots are compact, small and lightweight, ideal for welding application due to its high stability to finish welding job. It can realize high welding-path accuracy, considerably reduce welding cycle-time, and extend the lifetime of tubes and cables. In addition, SA Series robots can fit in narrow working space and can be floor mounted, inverted or wall mounted at any angle.
Robot SA1800 has 8kg wrist payload and 1818mm maximum working radius.

1.Large working space
3.High running speed
4.High position repeat accuracy
5.Good welding reliability

Main Applications
Arc Welding, Cutting

1. Stability improves welding quality which ensures uniformity
2. Improve productivity and 24 hours’ continuous production
3. Improve labor’s working condition, long term operation in harmful condition
4. Reduce requirements for operation technique
5. Shorten the period of remodel change, reduce the relevant equipment cost
6. Realize bulk article of welding automation
7. Save floor space

Material Handling, Palletizing
1. More flexible, more stable, less energy consumption
2. High performance of moving stuff
3. Exceptionally long run time
4. Fixed automation

a 1818
b 1458
c 2053
d 1158
Technical Specifications
Model SA1800
Wrist Payload 8 kg
Max Working Radius 1818 mm
Max Speed J1 150° /s
J2 150° /s
J3 160°/s
J4 360°/s
J5 320°/s
J6 360°/s
Max Operation Area J1 ±165°
J2 +155°〜90°
J3 +80o-190°
J4 ±185°
J5 ±120°
J6 ±360°
The Max Moment Allowable Torque J5 54 Nm
J6 29 Nm
Weight 160 kg
Position Repeat Accuracy ± 0.05 mm
Working Temperature 0-40°C