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SCARA Robot, ADT-600X4H30

 SCARA Robot, ADT-600X4H30

Our SCARA robot is the first multi-jointed 4-axis robot in China. Designed for industrial applications, the SCARA robot is reliable and stable throughout its long service life. The industrial robot can handle large loads efficiently.

Technical Specifications
Model ADT-AR4215
Type Horizontal and multi-jointed
Axis number 4
Arm length 400mm
Axis X axis Arm length 200mm
Rotating range ±127°
Y axis Arm length 200mm
Rotating range ±142°
Z axis Stroke 150mm
R axis Rotating range ±360°
Maximum speed X axis 600°/S
Y axis 375°/S
X , Y axis 6.1m /s
Z axis 1.3m /s
R axis 1667°/s
Cycle time 0.5s
Repeated positioning accuracy X , Y axis ±0.02mm
Z axis ±0.01mm
R axis ±0.03°
Rated / maximum load 2Kg /5kg
Inertia moment of R axis load (rated / maximum) 0.01 kg ·m2
0.04 kg ·m2
Signal wire 0.15sq×26 , 11 output, 10 input
Pipe Ф6×2
Limiting protection 1 . Software limiting
2 . Machinery limiting ( X , Y , Z axis)
Weight 13Kg

ADT-600P4G300 (ground installation; standard unit:mm)

Installation environment and condition of the manipulator
Item Environment & condition
Flatness of installation bench 0.1 / 500mm
Rigidity of installation bench Steel material
Installation direction Ground
Ambient temperature Operating: 0~40 ℃; storage & transportation: -10~60 ℃
Humidity Operating: <90% (no condensing) ; storage & transportation: <75% (no condensing)
Vibration Operating: <4.9 m/s2 (0.5G); storage & transportation: <29.4 m/s2 (3 G)
Safe installation environment No inflammable gas or liquids
No acid, alkaline and other corrosive gases
No mists such as sulfur cutting liquid and milling liquid
No large transformer, large output high frequency oscillator, large contact, electric welder and other electromagnetic interferences
No metal chips and other conductive substances
No water, oil, or scattered chips
Operating space Ensure sufficient spot inspection and disassembly space
Reserve wiring space in the rear of the manipulator (standard:
>190mm; dust-proof, mist-proof and cleaning > 230mm); do not apply the weight of the cable on the connector directly; fix the wiring on the installation surface or beam.
Installation condition D type grounding (resistance <100Ω)