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    1. Industrial RobotsSA series robots are compact, small and lightweight, ideal for welding application due to its high stability to finish welding job. Robot SA1400 has 6kg wrist payload and 1405mm maximum working radius.
    1. SCARA Robot, ADT-600X4H30Our SCARA robot is the first multi-jointed 4-axis robot in China. Designed for industrial applications, the SCARA robot is reliable and stable throughout its long service life.
    1. EMC Servo DriveOur EM-C series bus servo drive supports a variety of mainstream real-time industrial Ethernets and a variety of encoder interfaces. It features excellent performance and rich software debugging interfaces.
    1. QS Servo DriveQS8 series is the latest economic AC servo drive with more stable hardware, covering a power range from 200W to 4.3KW.
    1. QX Servo DriveADTECH integrates international advanced servo control technologies into QX series high-performance AC servo drive, so that the driving performance reaches international advanced level.
    1. ADTECH Motion Control CardADT-8940A1 motion control card is one of ADTECH 4-axis motion control cards based on PCI bus. A system can support up to 16 control cards, in order to control 64 channels of servo / stepper motor.