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Partner Examples

As a high voltage inverter manufacturer, we have worked with customers in the iron and steel industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, nuclear power industry, and more to customize inverters to our clients' unique needs.

1. High Voltage Inverter for Iron and Steel Industry

This high voltage inverter was made for a dust removal fan in a steel plant for Hebei Xinda Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The inverter significantly saves on energy and improves the equipment’s operating conditions as well as has the following advantages:
1) Soft start / stop (zero speed start-up), where the maximum current of the startup process is less than the rated current, which greatly reduces the impact of the starting impulse current on the electric power grid and extends the motor's service life.
2) Fully open control dampers reduce abrasions and prolong service life.
3) Smooth adjustment between settings.
5) Automatic dust control system. Past inverters used baffles to adjust the air flow, but our automatic dust control system is more accurate (0.1~0.01Hz).

2. High Voltage Inverter for Nuclear Power Industry

In 2013, Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co., Ltd. requested a test station for a main feedwater pump set for a mega-kilowatt nuclear power plant. They had used our 4000kW high voltage inverter before, and hoped we would make a 12000kW inverter for their new pump station. This test station will be the first time testing nuclear power pump projects within a water pump factory in the world.

3. High Voltage Frequency Inverter for Chemical Industry

Our AS800 series of high voltage frequency inverters is used in the boiler fans of HNEC Company. These inverters save on energy and reduce consumption, and improves the reliability and stability of the equipment.

4. High Voltage Converter for Mixer in Rubber Industry

Thailand’s OTAIN Company has built three engineering tire production lines, two of which adopt our AS800 series of high voltage converters in their GK400 mixer model with 2500KW. This project has been operating for over 6 months with great success.