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HANNOVER MESSE 2016, Hannover, Germany

The HANNOVER MESSE is held once a year. Today, it has become the world’s biggest industrial fair. Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation is looking to expand operations into overseas markets. During a period from April 25th 2016 to April 29th 2016, the company attended this exhibition with a variety of industrial control products.

"Industry 4.0", also known as the fourth industrial revolution, has introduced the networked production powered by intelligent machines. Since it made a hit at the HANNOVER MESSE, the Industry 4.0 has become a vogue word of both commercial and political leaders around the world. As the world’s most important industrial fair, the HANNOVER MESSE has been the most anticipated place for the "Industry 4.0". The HANNOVER MESSE 2016 was hosted by the United States. It was unveiled jointly by the President of the United States, Obama, and the the Chancellor of Germany, Merkel. With the support of both the United States and Germany, the world’s two leaders in industrial technology, the HANNOVER MESSE is expected to become an iconic moment in the history of the Industry 4.0 development.

At this exhibition up to 6,500 companies attended. These attendees came from 70 countries and regions, 56% of whom were not from Germany. The audience included 220,000 people. Among them, 70,000 people were not from Germany. STEP’s specially-installed exhibition stand covered an area of up to 48m2, which made it the largest one among all Chinese companies’ exhibition stands. Within the exhibition area, a vast majority of products were displayed by Chinese or German companies. They found a great favor among a wide range of customers. This also means the Industry 4.0 is set to impact on all our lives.

What the STEP displayed were the in-housed developed industrial inverters, servo drives, industrial robots and other motion control products. Within 5 days of the exhibition, we received over a hundred groups of clients. Most of them came from Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan and other countries across Europe, the Middle East and South Asia. A small majority was from the five countries in Central Asia like Russia. The other companies that participated in this exhibition specialized in processing machines in industries including automobile, servo control systems, communications, healthcare, electric power and so forth. They would come to us for our servo drives, inverters and other products.