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'WIN' Automation 2016, Istanbul, Turkey

As a large-scale international trade fair, the “WIN” Automation is usually held once a year. Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation took part in this exhibition with various industrial control products during a period from March 17th 2016 to March 20th 2016. This helped to expand business into international markets.

As one of the most important industrial fairs in the European and Asian region, the “WIN” Automation occupied an area of up to 28,848m2. The exhibition attendees were 1,581 companies from more than 20 countries and regions, including but not limited to Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Ukraine, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The audience included 77,240 people from 71 countries.

Aside from the STEP’s 36-square-meter exhibition stand, a great number of Chinese and German companies were gathered in the entire exhibition area. Within 4 days of the exhibition, we received more than 50 customer groups from the Middle Eastern countries (such as Turkey, Iran, etc.), European countries (such as Italy and Germany), South Asian countries (such as India and Pakistan) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Russia). The other companies that attended this exhibition specialized in processing CNC lathes, servo control systems, cranes, compressors, plate shearing machines, bending machines, etc. They would come to us for servo drives, inverters and so forth. At this exhibition, we offered industrial inverters, servo drives, industrial robots, air compressors, injection molding machines, internal mixers, overall solutions and consultation services, among others.

Turkey’s location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe makes it a country of significant geostrategic importance. An increasing number of European companies have set up their manufacturing plants in Turkey, benefiting from low labor costs in this country. The economies of Indonesia, Turkey and Nigeria are poised to become the next center of attention. However, a vast majority of their machines and components are imported from other countries. China has established strategic partnerships with these three countries. This means a vast array of our construction machinery and complete equipment sets have been exported to these markets. Currently, we have become a leading supplier of all the projects, mechanical and electrical products. Due to the advantages of superior quality and low price, our goods have enjoyed a high reputation in the Turkish market, and the market share is increasing with each passing year. In recent years, our country has become one of the Turkey’s largest trading partners.

The increasing buying power has led to stronger consumption while simultaneously boosting the overall economic growth. We believe that Turkey will become our target market where we can supply a wide range of industrial control products in the very near future.