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Tehran International Industry Exhibition 2015

Tehran International Industry Exhibition, abbreviated as TIIE, is held once a year. It has currently become the leading capital goods show in Iran. In order to expand operations into overseas markets, Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation attended this exhibition with an extensive range of industrial control products during a period from October 15th 2015 to October 19th 2015.

Spanning over 40,000m2, this exhibition attracted more than 700 companies and 6 national representatives. Up to 105 Chinese companies attended this trade show within the exhibition area of more than 1,800m2. Most buyers came from Iran, the Middle East and Western Asia.

What the other companies displayed included the following equipment: machine tools, metalworking machinery, accessories and tools; construction machinery, materials and fittings; a diverse range of petroleum equipment for drilling, welding, lifting, hoisting, oil storage and other applications.

Iran is best known for a wealth of oil and gas resources, as well as a full range of industrial sectors. However, most of its machines and spare parts are imported from other countries. China and Iran have developed a friendly economic and strategic partnership. Each year we export plenty of construction machines and complete equipment sets to Iran, which helps to solidify our position as a leading supplier of all the projects, mechanical and electrical products. The high-quality and cheap products that are made in China have enjoyed a good reputation in the Iranian market. In recent years, our country has become Iran’s third largest trading partner.

The increasing buying power helps to enhance the consumers’ passion while simultaneously boosting the overall economic growth. We believe that Iran will be our target market in the very near future.